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girlygirl Big Brother luver from the US. Will include thoughts, opinions, liveblogging. Whatevs ~ (I like a lot of stuff & I have a lot of blogs that are different than this one.) ~i've watched bb us, can, au(omg drew) & uk ~ Nikki from BBUK7 was my life tbh

I’m honestly getting so sick of Helen making the decision that Ash should be untouchable in the game. Like get over it, doesn’t he end up getting saved anyway? Jesus. 

I’m basically just eagerly awaiting Kim’s appearance on BOTS.

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as if ashleigh getting put up isn’t the most predictable thing ever -__-

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my collection of hayden screenshots proved he likes to be shirtless and hand-motiony in the DR and that he’s SOCUTEEEEEEEEEE ^.^

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Armageddon Eviction

I feel so bad for Biannca….girl does not love herself:-/ So glad she’s goneeeee.

WHAT DANIELLE IS GONE? NO ! NO ! AFter those crowd chants? Ugh. UGHhh should have been steven. or KIM. “sick?” mhmm…sure.

I really luv Chris. I dig his vibeeeeeeeee, . I’d love to meet him! He’s either rolling cigarettes or smoking them haha. And always listening.That would be me in the house. i hope he wins?

and always luving princess ashleigh, christopher

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Oh no. The audience is shouting “3 second Steven.” OH GOD. OH DEAR LORD. 

I’m crying of laughter and second hand embarrassment. I feel bad for the guy now. 

That’s what they were chanting? loll i can’t. that is amazing. i guess that’s what you get for fucking on tv. choices people,choices…

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Open Up to Steven ? ?????? I’m literally DYING rightnow

that’s so funny and he doesn’t even understand the mockery he’s making of himself omgggggg *cries tears of joy*

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can these girls please channel their inner janelle and win competitions to get out the boys


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The definition of "delusional"

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Rooting for Christine & Victoria HOH personallyyyyyyyy

(or Donny and Hayden… + i wouldn’t be mad about Jocasta and Brittany)

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