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girlygirl BigBrother luver from the US... My bb blog will include my [usually stoned] thoughts&opinions, liveblogging, reblogs of shit I like in the tag, my screenshots, ~ whatevs ~ (I like a lot of stuff & I have a lot of blogs that are different than this one..which is a side-blog btw) ~**i've watched bb us, can(nedaa), au(drew2013<3) & uk(Nikki from BBUK7 was my life tbh)**~ i blog about all of them & tag accordingly . thnxbye!


Look I know gemma and skye and david are all irritating but please god yall help get rid of travis he’s so gross and this might be the only chance for a while and who even is his partner honestly.

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david is such a loser

no wonder he’s single

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short term goal: make myself a new skye-skye icon

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Where are all the hot guys on Big Brother this year? 


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David needs to go … talking about Lisa’s body like that !!! He’s giving me a try-hard-hipster creeper douche vibe.

Gemma is kind of ridic (i feel bad for jake that she is his partner). She’s such an outcast though, which I want to appreciate so badly! she just needs a friend. skye would be her friend but gemma isn’t chill enough to have friends maybe lol

also, I think (so far) that Katie has been more of what I expected from “unapologetically Priya”. I like Priya, but she’s not that sassy and Katie has been more of a bad bitch than her in terms of dealing with the money and telling it like it is

& Aisha can do a million times better (duh) than Travis (who I can’t stand)

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Princess Victoria has arrived to SLAY you faves.


Princess Victoria has arrived to SLAY you faves.

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oh yeah:

me and emma are supposed to be BFF’s becausee

like 2 days after i posted my “kellie should take some tips from lauren harries/how to be a lady” post, they did a lauren harries segment on BOTS where she gave fashion advice to the house. (and i’ve heard that lauren only gets airtime cause emma loves her)

THEnNn…when emma picked her fav CBB moment, she picked frenchy doing her “french pussycat” thing, which is something else i made a screenshot of as one of MyYYy fav moments ^.^ :p

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my bb life update

sooo i’ve basically quit bb16 (i keep up through the tag here and there but i mostly just don’t care anymore … sadly) only care about donny winning america’s fav  

cbb just ended (i’m glad…i feel like i need a break from bbuk andd BOTS which I always feel obligated to watch forextras) BUTT omg lol perfect finale…so glad gary won, it was totes hilarious with all his random new age ramblings allllll the time (during his winner interviews too ha, loved every second of that)

getting into bbau now duhhhhhh (no men as fine as drew this year tho), so i’m sure all of my posts will be about that for now !!! with a few other  random gemz like usual 

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pink barbie bb dream house is skye-skye’s house (obvy), she’s just letting everyone else stay there for a bit

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