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Kellie should take some tips from Lauren&#8230;

Kellie should take some tips from Lauren…

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i&#8217;m a french pussycat &#8230; hissssssssssss

i’m a french pussycat … hissssssssssss

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Frenchy:Shhut uhp bitchezzz
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i’m developing an extreme thirst for audley

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The King and Queen of CBB as they continue in the house to annoy anyone who dares cross their path *looks at James and Leslie*.


The King and Queen of CBB as they continue in the house to annoy anyone who dares cross their path *looks at James and Leslie*.

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Anonymous asked: I think you're forgetting about all the dirty talk that goes on between Cody and Christine.


lol i dont watch the feeds (not enough hours in tha day) but dirty talk without being naked is mostly pretty silly……i can only imagine it’s jokey, right? or does she whisper, “i wanna suck your cock” at night? if so, i am intrigued. 

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what if cody were a girl? their behavior would read as a close friendship. but since cody is an attractive male, *clearly* that means the relationship HAS to be viewed as sexual. (eyeroll)

i see cuddling, hair brushing/grooming, as emotional connections, not sexual ones.

besides that, could we not argue that jon and neda had a VERY smiliar relationship in bbcan2 and you all shipped that SO hard.

you just don’t like christine lol (and neither do i! but i see the cody thing for what it is)

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Anonymous asked: She is a married woman and she's in bed with a hot guy cuddling and holding hands. That's not normal behavior for a married person. If I saw my husband in bed with another woman, I would be upset. Any normal person would. It's not being insecure. It's being a normal human being. Notice how most people who watch the show, twitter and tumblr alike, find the behavior appropriate. The vast majority of people think the behavior is inappropriate and we aren't all sheltered or insecure.


u sound mad.

i’m just not on that wavelength …. i don’t think cuddling is a big deal. or holding hands. this isn’t 6th grade; you’re right~ she is married! she chose her man. you think she’s gonna divorce him for cody? lolz. i’m sure all will be well post BB.

like what’s the big deal. they’re stuck in a house together and it’s very natural for animals to want to feel closeness. i don’t think that negates any of her love for her husband. 

it’s just kinda………..boring how ppl keep going on about it and how it was given its own segment.

now, if they were making out and rubbing private parts i’d be much more interested.

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oh god,
christine’s family (and everyone else) need to chill. y’all sheltered 

ppl seriously think christine&cody are a big deal? how boring. CBS *really* needs ratings i guess. 

cody probably likes boys anyways. let’s be real.

Ummmm I would be extremely uncomfortable watching my husband act that way with another woman. I don’t think I’m sheltered either. I’m a very flirty person by nature and my fiancé knows that about me, but there are definitely lines being crossed.

*shrug* sorry that you’re insecure in your relationship

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LOL donny the soap opera star

i can’t

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