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girlygirl BigBrother luver from the US(east coast 4lyfe). My bb blog will include my [usually stoned] thoughts&opinions, liveblogging, reblogs of shit I like in the tag, my screenshots, ~ whatevs ~ (I like a lot of stuff & I have a lot of blogs that are different than this one..which is a side-blog btw) ~**i've watched bb us, can(nedaa), au(drew2013<3) & uk(Nikki from BBUK7 was my life tbh)**~ i blog about all of them & tag accordingly . thnxbye!

i’ve been choosing to watch project runway over bb16 the past couple thursdays…


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get stephanie out !!

i wanted to like her… but i can’t (i like her brother tbh; i think he’s hilarious)

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stephanie wouldn’t have sex with george (let alone date him) in a million years.

get real people…she treats him like a cute little puppy dog

i’m personally already a bit over it

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i know this is kind of petty (I don’t have many actual feelings/opinions on Lauren) and she’s pretty n stuff but when I saw her i was immediately reminded of Miss Puff.

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i liked this DR look cause it was like casual but colorful ;) :*

i liked this DR look cause it was like casual but colorful ;) :*

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………. ! i’ve only recently caught up with bbus cause it was pretty boring there for awhile……BUT

-YAY NICOLE IS BACK!! Exactly what I wanted. NOW SHE OR VICTORIA NEED TO PULL A WIN (or donny tbh but uk2014 had a female winner and usa better follow suit)

& more importantly,
-BYE ZACH! Exactly what I wanted (and needed) PLZ go be a wannabe somewhere else

+ i’m still so thirsty for hayden i’m sorry but OMG HE LOOKS SO FINE IN THE JURY HOUSE!!

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ashleigh speaking for all of us at steven’s incredible delusion

haha … the main reason i wish helen didn’t win is so that steven wouldn’t have been able to be smug about it -_-

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I luv Emmaa&#8230;(she&#8217;s princess tho; Davina is and always will be queen)

I luv Emmaa…(she’s princess tho; Davina is and always will be queen)

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soo celebrity bigbrother starts tonight (yay!) and then bbau soon after… (ah i hope there’s so many hotties like last year)

it never ends! 

i’ve also been watching bbuk2013 cause i didn’t watch it last year. gina is amazing, obviously

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