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girlygirl BigBrother luver from the US... My bb blog will include my [usually stoned] thoughts&opinions, liveblogging, reblogs of shit I like in the tag, my screenshots, ~ whatevs ~ (I like a lot of stuff & I have a lot of blogs that are different than this one..which is a side-blog btw) ~**i've watched bb us, can(nedaa), au(drew2013<3) & uk(Nikki from BBUK7 was my life tbh)**~ i blog about all of them & tag accordingly . thnxbye!

but like

i would buy a skye CD

(or download it illegally)

either way i’d jam to it 4sure

popstar skye  !

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waiting all weekend for a bb episode and then that? sOoo UnDeRWhElMiNg -___- get a room cat and lawson, Ya know, like a private one!! gross out

redeeming moment: priya having the power

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Lawson: You’ll find a new best friend.
Cat: I don’t want a new best friend.
My mum: (portraying Cat) I don’t want a new best friend because I want your big dick

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omg jason deserves to win just for making out with that pillow at the end, hilar

ideal for me:

1st place:jason

2nd place: skye

3rd place: priya

4th: david or leo

5th: leo or david

6th: aisha

everyone else is basic


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literally dying at this

literally dying at this

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UGH cat nominating priya strategically (to save travis?? barf) and then failing at her strategy, GO FIGURE.
Cat is kind of a tragic character to me. her divorce being one of her “interesting facts” that got her cast, and then her throwing herself at a creepy cheater magician who doesn’t even like her back. on national television. i feel like when she gets out of the house she’s going to have a major breakdown/identity crisis

sad that i can’t vote to save priya & jason from the states

wouldn’t care much if sam or sandra went, but prefer travis or lawson went first.

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